Control Auth0 applications and connections through API

How much meta set can be done through APIs?

I have a client who is using Auth0 as their authorization server but they allow many clients with different authentication services to plug into their services. So there are many external APs (generally Acitve Directory or Okta APs but some others) in their domain, enough that they are looking to see what can be automated.

They would like to be create applications and connections through an API (one new application and connection per client). Right now, this is all being done by hand through the website but the number of clients is making that difficult to maintain.

So, I’m researching what might be possible in terms of controlling applications through private scripts. I’ve roughly seen the machine to machine management API and it looks promising but I don’t see any way to create or manage applications. Is that the right direction?

Any other suggestions on how I might help automate Auth0 management tasks would be wonderful.


Hi @chris18,

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Generally, anything you can do in the dashboard can be done via the management API. You can inspect the requests made from the dashboard and see exactly what is being sent if you are interested!

This is likely because they are called clients in the management API documentation and endpoints. Checkout this doc to get you started on creating clients(apps) via the API.

Let me know if this solves it, or if you have other questions.


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