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Hey All, I have followed the integration instructions here,

When I go to my applications site, there is a login with Discord button. When it is clicked I get the following error " {“client_id”: [“Value "(SOME CLIENT ID I HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE)" is not snowflake.”]}. "

I am expecting the Discord login prompt that appears after navigating to the URL generated by Discord.

What’s more, I am testing this on browser, but the end state is with an iPhone. Does anyone know how to simply log the user into a mobile app using Discord, so we can get the servers they are in and hopefully their server roles?

Hi @tristanb.newman,

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This error suggests your Discord Client ID is incorrect. Please double check the client ID you retrieved from the Discord developer portal is correct.

I just tested a new Discord connection by following the integration instructions and everything is working correctly for me.

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Thanks for the reply Dan! This ticket got Backlogged, but I saved a link to this question in the comments.


Sounds good! Let me know if you end up getting it working.

Hey Dan, just resumed this issue. Now, we are able to get the Discord Authorize page to appear (in a Discord url, there’s a purple Authorize button), although (and this may be a Discord thing), it loops our page back to the Auth0 modal.

At first, we checked the callback URLs in Discord, since when integrating Gmail and Twitter this was a similar issue however even the shotgun approach at pasting all possible urls in the Discord redirects list, does not work.

Do you have any ideas?

Hey @tristanb.newman,

I just want to confirm; did you sign up for a Discord Developer account? Otherwise you may be using Auth0’s dev keys.

Yes, I have signed up with Discord Developer account.
This is our Development tenant. Will Continue with Discord only work in Prod?

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Some additional info. The App.js is rendered to dom for a split second, then is redirected to Auth0. This does not occur for the other connections (Twitter and Gmail).

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Can you confirm you are seeing the correct client ID and secret in the Auth0 Dashboard for your Discord connection?

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Confirmed. The client id is the same as the one Discord gives me and the Secret is the same they gave as well… I’m going to try reseting the Secret

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Eureka! Resetting the Secret worked. So I’m guessing it was incorrect.

Thanks for the backup!

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Great! Glad we figured it out. Cheers

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