/continue Unauthorized error after redirect action


Since a few days I’m getting an “Unauthorized” error on /continue. I did test the possible causes in the faq but none seemed to stick.

Strange thing is that it works in dev. Comparing configs did not help.

Any Idea what could be the cause? Other things I should check?
.har (6.2 MB)

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Hi @janec.poppeliers,

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I understand you encountered the Unauthorized error when calling the /continue endpoint after a redirect Action.

After my research, I found that this error happens when the state passed to the /continue endpoint does not match the initial state.

In your HAR file, I can confirm that the state passed was:


And was expecting:


With that, could you please ensure that the state you pass back to the /continue endpoint is the one you see appended to the end of the Redirect URL?

I am looking forward to your update.


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Thank you so much, @rueben.tiow, for looking into this. You helped my fix this.

I had tried to put the state in the JWT using “event.transaction.state”. But apparently the state query parameter differs from “event.transaction.state”. I started using the “event.transaction.state” because at one point it seemed my redirects were being sent out without state parameter. Now, the state parameter is back and everything is good again.

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