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Consultant/expert resource?


Hi - we recently integrated Auth0 for our auth on our SaaS.

We have a request to integrate w/partner via SSO, etc.

Can anyone recommend an expert/consultant that can help us with our partner discovery, and help us keep it simple? We have expert devs on team, but no SSO/Enterprise integration expert.

Or, is this something Auth0 can provide?

Thx. Mb


Auth0 itself provides professional services to help you architect the solutions, code reviews and even pair programming sessions. See here:
If you need more info about any of those services, you need to contact sales as mentioned in those docs.

If you have any specific questions that are not answered by Auth0 documentation (on SSO integrations, enterprise connections, etc) you are always welcome to either start a discussion in this community forum or create a support ticket (for paid plans only).


Auth0 Pro Svcs folks are great. Our experiences have been universally excellent. Highly recommended.