Consistency between our database and Auth0 User Store

Quick question setup: we have a mobile app, which will be using Auth0 SDK (universal login), and backend server, which handles all application logic other than authentication.

User entity at our database should be identified by UUID. Users can schedule a meeting with each other. Information about meetings is recorded at our database, and it needs 2 UUIDs, to identify users, participating in meeting.

Let’s say user signed up with universal login, and his profile was created at Auth0 Store. But there is no record at my backend. How would backend server Identify mobile client sending request?

For instance, to schedule a meeting, we need to send to our backend server current user ID?

I read a guide about Auth0 Store and User Profile Management, but I don’t see what to make of it.

To hander application logic, our backend server needs consistent identifier, which is same in our database and Auth0 Store, and which mobile app can acquire on user signup / login.

Hi @slavaZim,

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If I understand your question correctly, you can use a Post Registration Hook to send the newly created user’s ID to your backend, registering them in your DB.

Then whenever they make a request they will already exist in your backend.

Let me know if that works for you!

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