Consent screen logo not showing up + overall set up with Google

I’m trying to set up Google login, do I understand this correct how to set it up?

  1. Get clientID/secret, enter it on

  2. Enable Google oAuth (now it
    should use this instead of the
    default sandbox consent)

  3. As the
    clientID for lock/auth0 I do NOT
    use the clientID I entered on the
    google connection, I use the
    clientID I get for the auth0
    account, correct?

Now how can I customize my consent screen? One user’s feedback was that he was skeptical about the social login since it didn’t showed our logo and says redirect to auth0.

We’ve set up custom logo and all the other info for the consent screen on Google but nothing’s showing up, so I guess I must be missing something?

![alt text][1]

Mainly we want to make sure our logo shows up and best case it also says Choose an account to continue to productcafe instead of continue to auth0

This seems to be due to a change made on Google’s end. Please refer to this previous post: