Connecting auth0 to existing database hosted on Google Cloud Platform

I am new to auth0 and I am going crazy trying utilize custom action scripts to connect to my existing sql database.
I currently have a sqlserver db hosted on Google Cloud Platform and below is my custom connection in the login action script but when i click test I keep getting the error below. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

const connection = new Connection({
userName: ‘usernamegoeshere’,
password: ‘passwordgoeshere’,
server: ‘’,
options: {
database: ‘stutor-291218:us-central1:stutor-sql-db’

error: “Failed to connect to in 15000ms”

Hey @wolfbrownie1995, welcome to the community! :wave:

I’ve seen this issue before. There might be some sort of allowList for incoming connections from external IPs. I ran a quick port scan of and it looks like only ports 53 and 3307 are open. Could you check firewall/DB settings in Google and open port 1433?

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