Confusing signup flow feedback

Just noticed a pretty confusing flow when trying to signup.

I accidentally typo’d my email such that it was invalid and tried to signup. Obviously the signup failed and there was a red warning box under the login screen saying “Email is not valid”. All good so far.

However, the same red warning box is then used to feedback on my password validation so it looks like the password I submitted is also invalid. Furthermore, if I re-enter the password I want, the password feedback shows as valid, but still in the red warning box, which is confusing (see below - this is showing my password is valid)

Screenshot 2021-03-05 at 15.15.56

It feels like the red box should only be used to feedback on what was submitted and feedback on the current login should look like it does on the first attempt?

Hi @andy.waugh,

Thanks for joining the Community!

Unfortunately, there is not currently a way to customize this behavior on the New Universal Login Experience. This would be a good topic for our Feedback category. It would be great to get your use case and any additional details so that our product team can evaluate the request!

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