Configuring Auth0 With an Azure API Issues


We’re having some issues using Auth0 for OAuth 2.0. We’re following this guide from Auth0.

We’ve managed to setup an API and configure the security with our Auth0 domain, steps 1-4. However, we are having some trouble with step 5.

Since our API is on an internal vnet, we need to use Bypass Cors Proxy to access it. This works in the Azure Portal and we can test the API there and it works. This means however that we can’t use it from the Azure Developer Portal (as the instructions suggest), as it doesn’t have the option to Bypass Cors Proxy. What’s weird though is that even with security enabled, accessing the API from Azure Portal works and returns a response. This is without having to do any OAuth Authorization. What we want is to use that OAuth authorization, and we aren’t sure why this doesn’t work.

We also tried accessing the API from Postman, and we can get a response there was well without doing any authorization.