Configure Web Proxy for Case Auth0 express-openid-connect ver 2.11.0 library

Problem statement

BNS Business Applications uses Auth0 express-openid-connect library for OAuth2 authentication flows. The applications are running inside the BNS network. According to BNS policy, it would like to use a web proxy to connect to the Auth0 tenant for getting open id configurations and JWKs, etc.
We looked at GitHub - auth0/express-openid-connect: An Express.js middleware to protect OpenID Connect web applications., and still can not configure this library to use a web proxy.


The express-openid-connect SDK doesn’t accept an option to configure a proxy.

Our engineering team created this PR: Add httpAgent option by adamjmcgrath · Pull Request #458 · auth0/express-openid-connect · GitHub
to support specifying an Agent to the underlying http client. They have also added some instructions in the docs for creating a proxy agent.