Configure Custom Error Page for Dashboard 'Readiness Check' via Terraform

Problem statement

A custom error page is defined for the tenant. However, the following Readiness Check failure “Custom Error Page should be configured”, still occurs.

As per the Custom Error Page documentation, there are two options to set up a custom error page:

  • Redirect users to a custom error page using either the Auth0 Dashboard or the Auth0 Management API.
  • Configure Auth0 to render a custom error page on your behalf via the Management API.

The second option has been implemented through Terraform. A custom error page is configured, and the Management API stores it on Auth0. Why does this Readiness Check fail?


The customer is trying to configure the readiness check for “Configure a Custom Error Page” via Terraform, but it is failing.


It is currently not possible to manage the Readiness Check via Terraform; please consider opening a Feature Request on the Auth0 Community forum if this functionality would benefit your workflow.