Client credentials flow with additional claims representing information about the client in the access token

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We are trying to establish client credentials flow between our clients and APIs using Auth0.
To accomplish this task, we need to add additional information to the access token. This should be static data per our client (like "installationId ": “some ID”, “customerName”: “some name”, …).
To do this, we used app metadata (in the app’s advanced settings) and a machine-to-machine custom action that maps client metadata to access token claims.

Then we noticed that the application metadata is limited to only 10 slots with a maximum length of 255 characters.
Unfortunately, this is not enough for us, and we are wondering if there are any ways to get around this limitation, or maybe there are some other ways how to store client data and enrich access tokens with them in client credentials flow.

We would appreciate any help.

Hi @leon.kennedy.es1,

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I understand you are seeking to increase the client_metadata limit to more than the original 10 slots. Unfortunately, this is not currently possible.

Please feel free to create a feature request for this in the #feedback category. Thank you!

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