Client Credentials flow - pass extra parameters into Hook

Hi guys,
I am having some issues with Hooks.

So, this is my case. I have a multi-tenant platform. And I am allowing tenant admins to request a client id and client secret, to call my platform apis.

Every time, when admin of the tenant request a clientid/secret, I am creating a new client in Auth0 using management api, I am also creating ClientGrantCreateRequest and seeting scopes and audience. Its all working fine and I can set some common parameters into the Client appMetadata like tenant id etc. But, What I trying to achieve, I want a tenant admin to create a User token. To do so I need to pass username with the request when I am asking for token using Client Id and Client Secret?

Is there any way, may be to enable ClientGrantCreateRequest with any scope? like “*” or something? So when tenant is making a request with his own Client ID/Secret he also pass in the scope a username and after in the Hook we add custom user claims?

Does it all make any sense?


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