Clickjacking for Classic Universal Login

I am using the classic universal login and wasn’t sure if I needed to turn migrations on to prevent clickjacking. I think I’m getting confused if it needs to be enabled or not because of this link.

Also, where would I find x options in the network tab with this quickstart app?

Hey there @matthewyoung245!

If you want clickjacking protection, leave the toggle off. If you don’t (or need to load in an iframe) then you will want to toggle it on and therefore forego the security headers.

You should be able to see any security headers in the network tab if you choose a specific request and then “headers”.

Hope this helps to clarify!

Thank you @tyf

Will the whole application be protected from clickjacking?

For example, I log into the application and I go to another page within that same application.

Hey @matthewyoung245 no problem, happy to help!

The clickjacking feature is specific to Universal Login only.

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