Clarification on the Inclusion of Social Users in Username-Password-Authentication User Exports

Problem statement

When exporting Username-Password-Authentication users from Auth0 (Bulk User Exports), there may be cases where Social users (having Social prefixes in their user_id) are included.
During Username-Password-Authentication user registration, the user_id is expected to have the prefix “auth0|”. On the contrary, Social users do not have this prefix, making it unclear how they were registered as Username-Password-Authentication users.
Under what circumstances does this occur?


For users coming from a custom DB (where the custom DB script provides the user_id) or if a regular DB connection is created with the Management API v2 and the user_id parameters were provided externally. If these were imported in the Username-Password-Authentication connection by preserving their original user_id (see Password hashes export data format), these would have a format different than:


and can include different prefixes.


Most likely, users with prefixes different than “auth0|” in their user_id were imported from other databases instead of being created in the Auth0 database.