Clarification on External Active Users

I’m sorry because I know this question has probably been asked a lot. I’m wanting to know a bit more about how pricing works on External Active Users. To provide some context, here are some question I have:

  • At what point is a MAU counted? Does it happen as soon as they are authenticated and they haven’t already got an existing access token, or is it counted at most once a month but after validating the user is authenticated with an existing access token (they may have already been authenticated the previous month using the same access token or a now expired one).

  • If a user logged-in last month, has an access token that is still valid this month, and validates themselves on the platform this month using that access token, does that count as a MAU for this month too?

  • Do MAUs only get counted every time a new refresh token is generated. For example, if I set the refresh token expiry to 1 year, and the user does not logout for that entire year, does that mean that user is only counted once as a MAU throughout that year?