ClaimsPrincipal missing claims in aspnet core 2.0 quickstart

I pulled down the the .Net Core 2.0 quickstart. I have the scope set to openid on the OIDC options. When the claims principal is populated I only have a nameidentifier claim which I assume is mapped over from the sub claim. The iss, sub, aud, exp, and iat claims are not in the claims for the ClaimsPrincipal. I’ve inspected the id_token that was returned and all the claims are present. I assume this is some change in core 2.0 as I have 1.1 apps and these claims are populated on the principal. Has anyone else come across this? I can explicitly set them, but it seems like this should be easier to get these values on the principal.

Found it. It’s options.ClaimActions.Remove(“exp”) on the OidcOptions. See here for more detail.