Chrome Extension Deprecation

Hi, I saw that the library for an auth0 Chrome extension implementation has been deprecated. Is there any chance that this functionality will be revived? Or some kind of evergreen tutorial created for Chrome Extension providers who want to use Auth0?

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As of now unfortunately not. There are no plans to bring it back to life again but maybe our Content team will create some blog post on that. As of now there is no public information on that unfortunately.

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Thanks @konrad.sopala! Quick question, I noticed the Extension API exposes this method: chrome.identity - Chrome Developers
would it be possible to use the URL parameter to call Auth0 and return the oauth token to the extension? And if so, what might that look like? Would it just be domain/authorize?

not sure to be honest as I don’t have much experience with this part of our stack. You would need to explore and try it yourself! Adding a few tags to your question for better searchability