Check Session API limits

Does the checkSession method limits on API? In auth0-js for example

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Let me check that for you! I’ll get back to you as soon as I manage to find this info out!

Okay, thank you!
And I have a new question for checkSession method. Can I check authorize user from server by PHP? I mean can I use similar functionality from Back-end?

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Can you open separate topic for that question? Thank you!

Yep, here is the link, thank you

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Any updates here?

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Sorry for the delay in response but I must have totally forgot about it in all the topics that came in. Once more sorry for the inconvenience! Let me get back to the core question.

I checked our docs and there is no word about limits regarding checkSession function apart from if you’re using polling with checkSession. In this case the poll interval between checks to checkSession() should be at least 15 minutes between calls to avoid any issues in the future with rate limiting of this call.

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