Changing issuer for WS-Fed add on

Im configuring WS-Fed using the WS-Fed Addon, Im wondering if there is a way to change the issuer from urn:auth0{tenant domain} to something else as we need to modify it without creating another tenant because of an issue we found when testing our connection.

Hi there @Aldo.Orozco ,

I will verify if the issuer can get a custom value; if so, you would probably do it via our Management API.

I will update you soon!

@Aldo.Orozco -

I think I would need to learn more about the configuration you’re trying to achieve to be more specific.
Generally speaking, the issuer/entityId can be updated for the connection, for example, if you would create an ADFS enterprise connection in your Auth0 tenant. Then, you would update this via our Management API using the connections endpoint.
You can also GET the client data (the application to which you add the WS-Fed Addon) to see what properties you receive (“addons”:{“wsfed”:}) and update it relevantly in the next call.

Please let me know what (if) worked for you, or let us know if we can further investigate it.

We are using the addon option for WSFed, I tried as suggested and retrieve the client data however the addon wsfed object came back empty:

“addons”: {
“wsfed”: {

Either way I tried patching it with issuer, entityid, entityId values and even though the following get request return with those values on the response, the issuer remains the same when consulting it on the Dashboard