Change user data

I’m aware this has already been answered here. I’m confused though - I try it in the “Test this endpoint” section and I get an error saying that I’m unauthorized. How would I fix this in my expressjs application? It doesn’t seem to say anything about any authentication tokens in the docs.

What do I do?

Hi @lerichardson - any calls to the Management API require an Access Token with the necessary permissions for the particular endpoint you are calling.

When using the “Try” buttons built into the API reference page, you need to provide an Access Token via the “SET API TOKEN” button in the top left beforehand to allow the requests to be authenticated.

We have a guide here on how to get Management API Access tokens for your tenant for different use cases, from manual tests to automated production usage:

We also have a Management API client library that uses Node you can use to interface with the API without having to write all of your requests from scratch:

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