Change Google made that may have consequences

hello -

i had an Auth0 node application suddenly start crashing. it turns out that i am trying to “store” the login information like email, name stuff, etc.

i also save the picture value. previously my MariaDB table was a varchar(256) null setting. i had just naively assumed that 256 was far larger than anything that google would ever return.


the following is what was returned below, and i am NOT making this up. it appears that when its just a logo, its like the logo is somehow “encrypted” right in the URL.

or is this something that everybody else learned in grammar school and i was asleep that day? (rhetorical question…)

Sometimes we assume too many things, right?

If you want to store URLs, I would say limiting the length to less than 2048 chars is way too risky. At least this way you would be supporting the majority of URLs out there.

Ale - i don’t mind storing it, but please don’t ever ask me to type it out.