Certificate Authority Change

Has the certificate authority change announced in October for custom domains been implemented yet for non-production tenants? I believe that is supposed to happen today.

@dan.woda @lihua.zhang @konrad.sopala @James.Morrison Any comment or guidance you can add for this? When I checked a few days ago for the certificate details for the auth0 login page for our web app, it gave the certificate hierarchy as Baltimore CyberTrust Root → Cloudflare Inc ECC CA-3, and today that’s showing the same.

Hi @tkhanna01 ,

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I have reached out to our internal team regarding this query and will provide updates once it’s available. Thanks!


The changes were rolled out a moment ago. I suggest you wait for a few hours or the end of the day and check it again. Thanks!


@lihua.zhang Thank you for confirming! I’ll check again in a few hours.

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