Can't use "chrome-extension://" as a web origin scheme

I would like to use the lock widget in a Chrome extension, but the client settings do not allow “chrome-extension://” as a valid scheme.

It seems like they allow http, https, ftp, etc., so there’s some kind of filtering going on. Could this scheme be added or are there other options?

Edit Frustratingly, this document shows that you should be able to do exactly this:

I’d like to bump up this issue -

trying to set a chrome-extension://blahisforthefunofit fails as a wrong link


please handle, looks like a UI verification bug :frowning:

Did you try adding it to the ‘Allowed Origins (CORS)’ or ‘Allowed Web Origins’?

It needs to be set in the ‘Allowed Origins (CORS)’ field.

I just submitted a PR to clarify that in the Quickstart document.


thanks, that did the trick :+1:

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