Cant sign in with ethereum with my custom domain

I’ve added our custom domain to our apps allowed callback urls as the docs suggested. (

However I’m still getting a unregistered_redirect_uri error. I’m being redirected here:

Nothing in the auth0 logs.

Hey there @chris39 welcome to the community!

I’ve admittedly not much experience with SIWE integration, but I did just follow the steps outlined in our blog post (below) on the topic and was successful in logging in. Granted, I do not have a custom domain configured for my tenant. Is everything else working as expected with regards to Auth0 and your custom domain? That error looks to be coming from so perhaps something is off there?

Keep us posted!

Hey thanks. Yes it was working before the custom domain.
I think I realized I have to delete the current siwe social connection and create a new one registered with the new redirect_url.
This allowed me to not recieve the above error.

However now when logging, im getting an internal error according to the auth0 logs. Logs say ‘Login Failed’

Also on the login page, the siwe button used to be an ethereum icon, now its an auth0 icon. Wonder what caused the change.

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