Can't logout social connection in mobile application

I’m trying to logout the user from social connection. The user should re-enter their social connection credentials when the they do a social connection authentication instead of automatically authenticating/logging them in.

Any help would be appreciate it.

I tried:

A good starting point is which lists the following list of social providers where federated logout works:

The following identity providers support federated logout:

OAuth 2.0
Active Directory Federation Services
Office 365
Windows Azure Active Directory
Windows Live
Salesforce/Salesforce Sandbox

This video also may be helpful in understanding what is going on.

Hi Jeremy, I read over the document yesterday and tried everything in there. I’m not sure if it is because I’m using Xamarin.

Logged in using Facebook, when I try https:/ I get an “ok” respond and takes me to Facebook. None of them logs me out because I when I try to login/authenticate with Facebook it does it automatically and does not ask for credentials.

Hello, I’m experiencing the same issue with my application (xamarin.ios not tested).

When I send user to /logout?federated&returnTo=(mycallbackurl) I get the following behaviors:
On google: user logout successfully but dont get redirected back to returnoTo url. He continues on google login page;
On facebook: user dont even logout and I’m redirected to facebook timeline istead of getting back to returnTo url;
On username/password: user logout and get redirected back to returnTo url successfully.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

I’m experiencing this very same problem. The user is not logged out of the social idp.

Anyone solved this issue? Having simmilar problems when using social providers within an asp net core application and the user doesn’t get logged out at any social provider.

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