Can't find sms connection id using email/phone_number

I created an sms user using the following body:
“email”: “”,
“email_verified”: true,
“phone_verified”: true,
“verify_email”: false,
“phone_number”: “+x”,
“connection”: “sms”

It is successfully created but I cannot find the connection using:
this api/v2/users?q=phone_number:“+x”

Hi @ink and thanks for reaching out!

Is that JSON object the exact configuration you used to create that user? I attempted through the Management API to create a user with those credentials and was given an error of improper JSON payload format.

However I did make a user with an ‘sms’ connection and was able to query the ‘/api/v2/users-by-email’ endpoint to get back my created user. The second endpoint I believe is the get a user which requires you provide the user id (with the connection prefix) in order to return the user. Do your logs reflect that a user was in fact created?

If you’d like, you can send me in a DM your tenant as well as the object you used to create the user so I can dig a bit more into this.

Best Regards,

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the quotes seemed to have changed after pasting it. It does work with postman.
I double checked everything and it turns out my email in postman had two letters switched.
Everything working fine now thank you!

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Perfect we were able to help!

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