Cannot use Management API to set tenant session lifetimes in minutes

I have configured my tenant to have the below session lifetime values (eg. both set to 15 minutes) from the the Dashboard.


I am now trying to update the tenant using the Management API, and I find that the integer value is accepted as HOURS and not minutes. Further, since this is validated as an INTEGER, it is not possible to set a value that is less than a full hour, or that is not a multiple of 60 minutes.

I have read the below closed topic, but the post seems to be innaccurate - the issue is not simply an inconsistency as stated there, but actually a shortcoming of the management API where it is not possible to use it to update a tenant unless that tenant has session lifetime values in exact multiples of 60 minutes.

Can you please clarify if there is a way to use the tenant API to set a 15 minute value, for instance?

Hey there @michael.federico welcome to the community!

Thanks for pointing this out - I am not positive of the expected behavior here but I’ve reached out internally and will certainly let you know when I have more information myself :slight_smile:

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Hey @michael.federico just a quick follow up on this one.

While not documented, there is a workaround using idle_session_lifetime_in_minutes and session_lifetime_in_minutes which will allow you to set these values to 15 minutes for example.

Thanks, I will give it a shot. However, I am using the Java SDK for management api and I do not see any code here for these ‘secret’ properties. Do you know if there is a way to set these using the SDK?

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