Cannot update username for users without an username already set


We’re switching on require_username in order that users can use a username or email to log in. We want to update our existing user’s auth0 records to contain their username, so that they too can use it to login.

How can this be done? Via the Management API there’s an error: Cannot update username for users without an username already set

This post from 2017 suggests updating usernames on existing users without a username would be possible ‘in the future’ - whats the status please? Is there any better workarorund than deleting and readding them? Cannot update username for users without a username already set]



I’m wondering this too, did you ever figure something out, @ciaran?

Nope. Your options appear to be:

  1. Turn it on and have new users be able to log in with a username, but old users potentially confused because the login input placeholder says ‘username/email’ (but their off-auth0 username won’t work)
  2. Turn it on and delete and re-add all your existing users - tedious, potentially loss of history data if you care about that, and they will all need to set new passwords. Maybe some will never return as a result.
  3. Don’t bother for now- that’s what we’ve done. Annoying and another brick in the ‘maybe we should roll our own auth system’ wall. Doesn’t appear to be any plan to address this issue.