Cannot retrieve username through rule

Hi, I am using Universal login and need to access email and username.
I have Requires UserName selected in Connections > Database.

I have setup the following rule:

function addAttributes(user, context, callback) {
 	context.accessToken[""] = user.nickname;
  context.accessToken[""] =;
 	context.accessToken[""] =;
  callback(null, user, context);

And it works when I debug using “TRY THIS RULE”.

However, when I sign up as a new user it behaves inexplicably:
given values of and "jdoe" the user object I get from useAuth0 is thus:

 nickname: "jonnydoe", 
 name: "",
 email: "",

When I review the user created in the database it uses different labels altogether but the rawJSON shows me that the name I entered on sign up has been assigned to

"username": "jdoe"

By adding user.username to the rule I can get the username but it still doesn’t show in the user object that is returned from useAuth0 in the npm package.

It is extremely confusing. There seems to be a gap between Universal Login config and the spa library?

Hi @itinsley,

You should be able to use the same method you are using to get nickname to get the username in the token.

Did you look at this topic:

Here are a few questions:

  • Are you seeing the username in the token? e.g. "": "exampleUsername"
  • Which SDK are you using? How are you referencing the username in your code?

Let me know

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