Cannot redirect custom error page with # in URL

We are building a web application in Vuejs integrate with Auth0 to perform SSO.
When config custom error page to, Auth0 always redirect to instead.
It means, the URL from # was cut off.
Trying to remove # in URL is an option, but just want to know do we have anything to do with Auth0?

Hi @monster.nva , welcome to the community!

There is a workaround for working with SPAs and their ../#/.. routing mentioned here:

To paraphrase the above, you would need to set up a server side URL with a route parameter that can redirect the user to the relevant part of your SPA app upon receiving the request from Auth0, due to how SPA frameworks’ routing differs from the RFC 3986 spec.


Hi @sgo
Thanks for your information.
That’s exactly what we are handling now.

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