Cannot log into my site on iOS when "Disable Cross-Site Tracking" is on

We have an Angular 9 SPA on the front-end with a .Net Core 5 WebAPI on the backend.
We’re using Auth0 as our authentication server.
For some reason, on iPhones, after the user logs in (on Auth0’s login screen) and gets redirected back to our web app, the web app just hangs. We’ve tried this on two different iPhones, using Safari, Chrome and Edge browsers, and they all exhibit the same problem.
It is working fine on Android and Windows devices.

Now, when I turn off “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking” on the web browser on the iPhones, then everything works again. So, I turned this feature off on Chrome and Edge (on the two iPhones) and everything started working again on both these browsers.

I’m not sure if this could be an Auth0 issue, or something else. I’ve been Googling it for a bit and cannot find anything. Unfortunately, web browsers on iPhones don’t seem to have the “F12 Developer Tools”, so I can’t even see what error is occurring!

Anyone come across the same issue? Is there perhaps anything like “F12 Developer Tookls” that the desktop browsers have that I could activate on the iPhone browsers?


Hi @fabs,

You can follow the instructions here to use dev tools on your iPhone via your desktop Safari browser. Once you configure Safari to show developer options in the desktop browser, you can connect your iPhone and enable web inspector for the Safari app in the app settings. You can then view the developer tools for the mobile Safari browser from your desktop Safari browser.

It sounds like your running into an issue with blocked third-party cookies. This FAQ may help: Why is authentication lost after refreshing my single page application? - #2

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