Cannot get user information with getSession

Im using Auth0 3.5.0 with Next 14.0.4 and when I log with my user the session is not created. I mean, after I log in getSession() is returning null.

If I use the snippet of the Quickstart, I get the next error: Cannot destructure property ‘user’ of ‘(intermediate value)’ as it is null.

Someone can help me with this?

Hey @musacchio.ignacio welcome to the community!

Have you tried this running the sample app directly? There’s an example of using withPageAuthRequired and getSession to protect a server-side page:

Hi @tyf! Thank you for the welcome.

Yes, I tried exactly this sample but always that I try to access to this page, it makes me log in again.

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Hey @musacchio.ignacio, sorry for the delayed response here and thanks for confirming!

Interesting - Are you able to access the other protected pages in the sample application?