Cannot create a user manually with an email connection for passwordless login

Why is that when my app is configured to using either database or passwordless connections?

when creating a user the only option I have is to use the database connection :frowning:

Hi @madeinspace thanks for reaching out!

Are you referring to creating a user through the Dashboard? If you leverage our Management API you should be able to create a passwordless user.

Let me know if this allows you to create those passwordless users.

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Thanks Colin,

Yes I was refering to the dashboard, I can create a user using the database connection but not for a passwordless connection.

Is there a plan to add this via the dashboard I mean yeah I could use the API but it’s a bit cumbersome compared to creating a user from the dashboard. Thanks!

hi @madeinspace,

Ah understood, and yes I can certainly see how it’d be cumbersome to use two separate user creation processes especially if the dashboard is the preferred method.

I took a look at our Product feedback, and there seems to have been similar interest around being able to manually create passwordless users. In order to help amplify this potential functionality, I’d recommend filing a Feature Request so our Product Managers can be made aware of this and evaluate it against our upcoming roadmaps. Due to backlog and current projects I can’t offer an ETA on when this will be reviewed, however it would be a great help letting our PM’s know that this functionality is wanted by customers like yourself!

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