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Cannot configure token lifetime


I user userinfo route to get the information by a bearer token. The token stays to be valid unlimited time despite all settings. There are even 3 token lifetime parameters i could find but none of them really affect. If I put one of them into 5 seconds the token is still valid even after more that a minute.


Hey there @ilya.tsilikov!

It’s quite awkward to be honest. Can you provide me more context around what you’re building and technical steps you take to achieve it? No matter what token lifetime you set it seems to be valid forever?

Please give me more context so I can dig in further!


Just some code that implements something the same as the following command

curl -H "Bearer: <token here>"

I excpect the configured in Auth0 settings token lifetime would affect result but it doesn’t. Even the settings configured time is expired that command still returns a result like a token is still valid. E. g. I set a token lifetime to a minute but the result is valid even after 10 minutes or more.