Cannot authenticate after IDP initiate login

I am using auth0 as Service Provider (SPA react js) and Okta as IDP. I configured the Okta with SAML connection. I enabled the IDP-initiate login on the Auth0. When using the Service Provider Initiation I was able to authenticate. But when using the IDP-initiate login I am getting this response


Iam beng redierected to my login page with access token but cannot able to logged in. What are the steps I need to do? Thank you.

Have you followed the steps outlined in this doc:

Thanks. Yes I have followed the guideline. Actually on the auth0 Dashboard the log says the user is successfully logged in. Also I am getting this http://localhost:4200/login#access_token=wWkGhve82AL_HaZp1SiYoXvj7CUQKtIN&expires_in=7200&token_type=Bearer&id_token=eyJhbGci....... . But it seems the id_token is not a jwt token and I am not redirected to authenticated page seems I am only redirected to http://localhost:4200/login#access_token=wWkGhve82AL_HaZp1SiYoXvj7CUQKtIN&expires_in=7200&token_type=Bearer&id_token=eyJhbGci.......

Hi @jearson, did you ever get this issue resolved?

@jearson apologies for not following up on this. Were you able to work out a resolution?