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Can you add a connection field to the universal login dialog?

I would like to have a new text box on the standard universal login dialog where a user can type in their connection. Is that something that can be done through customization?

Hey there @jlines!

Not sure if I understand your usecase. So you want your users to be able to login with custom social connection?

We have a number of organizations that use the same login UI, and we segregate those organizations by using a different connection for each one, either database or enterprise. I’m envisioning a login experience similar to logging into the AWS web console with an IAM account with the account id/alias field.

Ahh got it! Let me rethink that usecase and suggest some solution shortly!

Still looking for a way to do this. Were you able to come up with any suggestions? I’m looking into the possibility of manipulating the DOM before the call to My concern with a solution like that is that updates that Auth0 might make to the universal login Javascript could break the customization.