Can we use UUIDv5 with Actions?

Problem statement

We’re streamlining the user_ids generation to make them predictable according to user e-mail.

The way we’d like to achieve that is by generating an UUIDv5 with user’s e-mail.

The problem is that for some reason Actions has only UUID v1 and v4. Is it possible to enable the use of UUID5 or do you have any plans to make this available in the future?


A Universally Unique IDentifier (UUID) is a 128-bit label that is commonly used in computer information systems. There are currently 5 versions of the basic format, as described in this Wikipedia article:

‘Actions’ does not currently include direct support for UUID Version 5


You add the npm-uuid5 public module ( uuidv5 - npm ) to your Action dependencies.

We have tested this on our side and it generates UUIDv5 identifiers as expected.