Can we generate SMS Code through API from Postman

Is there anyway to generate the Code which are sent through SMS via API’s from Postman.
As I’m trying to automate the web application I need to enter the code which ideally comes to my phone but is there something where we can generate the codes from API. Please help.

Hi @goutham.padmanabha,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I understand that you have questions about generating the Passwordless SMS Code using Postman.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to generate the Passwordless SMS Code using Postman.

Making a POST request to the /passwordless/start endpoint can only send a verification code and not generate one. There are also no endpoints that can generate a code for your intended purpose.

To help me understand your use case better, could you elaborate on your web application automation process and if this is for testing purposes?

And, could you clarify whether using something like Passwordless Email Codes/Links or Username/Password would suffice for testing authentication temporarily?

Thank you.

Hello @rueben.tiow ,

Thanks for your reply.

We are automating the web application using Robot Framework(Selenium) for our testing
purpose on test environments only.

In our application, ideally when we click on Sign In it takes us to OAuth where it asks for email and password and after clicking on continue it’ll send an SMS Code to mobile number. Now, We have the code in place to enter email, password and click on continue but we are unable to get inside the application through automation.

If we had the API in place, probably we would sent the request and generated the SMS Code through script and used it for authentication.

OR Let us know if we have an workaround to bypass this process.

Thank you,
Goutham Padmanabha