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Can universal login be done within a popup using auth0-js?



Using the most up to date libraries / etc, is it possible to perform the universal login within a popup? I see on the auth0-js documentation page there is a .popup option, but that seems to just generate an error for me:

ERROR TypeError: Cannot convert undefined or null to object
at Function.keys (<anonymous>)
at Object.blacklist (auth0.min.esm.js:8)
at Popup.authorize (auth0.min.esm.js:8)
at Auth.login (auth.service.ts:48)
at Object.eval [as handleEvent] (VM744 AppComponent.ngfactory.js:14)
at handleEvent (core.js:13589)
at callWithDebugContext (core.js:15098)
at Object.debugHandleEvent [as handleEvent] (core.js:14685)
at dispatchEvent (core.js:10004)
at eval (core.js:10629)

Context in which i’m using it:

public login(): void {
    // auth0 is a correctly initialized and configured WebAuth object


this.auth0.popup.authorize({}, function(err, response) {});