Can signup with incorrectly formatted password

When using the universal login I am able to signup with an incorrectly formatted password with the following steps:

  • Enter an email that is already in use
  • Enter a password that is not the correct format i.e. no special characters
  • Press enter
  • See the error “An account for that email address already exists. Try signing in.”
  • Change the email address to one that is not in use (leave the password)
  • Press signup
  • I am able to signup

I know this is an edge case bit it would be good to verify if this is a bug that can be looked at?

Hey there!

Thanks for reporting that. Can I ask you whether you use the new version or the classic one?

We’re using the classic

Gotchya! Let me discuss it with appropriate team and get back to you soon!

Hi @konrad.sopala I don’t suppose there was any progress made on this issue?

Hey there Helen!

Sorry for that. Let me reping the team regarding that!

Hey @konrad.sopala sorry to chase but any update?

Hey Helen!

Sorry for delay in response. We haven’t been able to figure this one out thus we decided to file in an internal bug report request. As soon as I have an update from the engineering team I’ll let you know. Thank you for your patience!