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Can I use jwt auth mechanism to nodeMcu (ESP8266)


Looking for the way to implement jwt auth mechanism to one of my IoT project for securing data transfer.
Any help welcome !!.


:wave: @asdubey91

I believe this will depend on the scenario you are trying to build and if there is a flow that would support it. Would it be possible to share an example of the intended use-case? Please feel free to DM me to share further information if you prefer.

I will say that you may be able to use Client Credentials Grant depending if you can safely store credentials, but without the use-case at the moment I could not say for sure.


Thanks for your Response.
My Scenario is like .

We want to make communication between device and server on.
The device is made up of NodeMcu which supports LUA script but has memory imitation of (RAM size 81920 bytes)
On server I have implemented JWT in nodejs
On device there is two requirement one to decode verify this token and second is generate token .
Is there is any library available for that device or any way to do this.


:wave: @asdubey91 I seem to have missed your reply, I apologize! Are you still looking to secure your IoT project with Auth0? There may be some possible solutions we can work on to develop it.

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