Can i specify separate redirect url for different user after login?

use case:

i want to have 2 different redirect URLs for 2 different users.

so, is there any way to specify a redirect URL during passwordless login?

Hey there @akgupta317!

You should be able to accomplish by taking advantage of redirect functionality from within an Action. In particular you will need to introduce logic to act on the event.user.user_id (or similar).

While specific to redirecting based on a user’s roles, the following topic should be useful as a similar approach will apply in your use case:

Hope this helps!

Hi @tyf ,

thanks for replying.
In my case, I have to change the URL based on temporary info which can be changed.

example: if user select plan A then redirect to “/A” and if user select plan B then redirect to “/B”.

so , can I pass any external information in Auth0 Actions?