Can I customise the 'Oops!, something went wrong' page?


I’ve recently setup an ‘accept terms’ redirect for my tenant which works as expected. However, if I press the browser ‘back’ button from the my redirected t&c page (part of my login flow), I get the ’ Oops!, something went wrong’ page which is perhaps expected behaviour. However, I’d like to be able to customise the appearance of this page if it’s possible, but can’t see where I can do it in the UI custom options. Specifically, add own icon, change header background/text colour, control/set icon for page?

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Hi @noelt.dolan

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In terms of the default Auth0 Error page you can change this settings:

Field Description
Friendly Name Name of your company
Logo URL URL of your company logo
Support Email Email address of your company’s support team
Support URL URL of your company’s support page

Which are in the Tenant settings, if you want to have a customized error page:

  1. Redirect users to a custom error page using either the Auth0 Dashboard or the Auth0 Management API.
  2. Configure Auth0 to render a custom error page on your behalf via the Management API.

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