Can I authenticate a session in a NodeJS serverless function when I'm using Auth0 Passwordless on my front end?

Hi @dan.woda,

I’m not using express. How can I get my secret or public key?

Hi @dan.woda,

I’ve managed to get the token verified. I used the jsonwebtoken and jwks-rsa packages. Which were used in the quick start guide.

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Awesome! Let us know if there is anything else we can do

@dan.woda That article was helpful. Because I’m using Netlify serverless functions. My implementation was different.

I’d like to suggest collaborating on a quick start for developers who use Auth0 and Netlify serverless functions.

How could I go about this?

Thanks for your help.

This sounds like a good candidate for a blog post in our guest authors program. You can check out this page for more info:

Also, feel free to show us what you did in the Community, specifically in the Show Your Auth0 Category.

@dan.woda ok. I’ll read through the material.


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@dan.woda I’ve signed up for the guest author program.


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Glad to hear it! Looking forward to your contributions :smile:

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