Can I access the JWT for a new user inside post-user-registration hook?

The flow is for a user to sign up (through an iOS app) to Auth0, then in a post-user-registration hook on Auth0, add that user’s info to a SQL database through an API route (that I built). However, I’d like to require token authentication on that route, and thus need the freshly created user’s token info to access the route. Is this possible? If not, there are a few other approaches I can think of. Or I’d be open to better recommendations for the signup structure in general.

The id_token is not available in the Hooks. If you would like to authenticate requests made from the Hook to your API, you can look into the Client Credentials grant. The Hook can be treated as a service, in which case the flow would be the same as any machine-to-machine flow, using our API auth features.

Thank you.