Callback URL mismatch in Swift

Hi there. I’m new to programming and working on my final project in Swift programming. I am building a small app. I am trying to use auth0 in my app however I am getting the Callback URL mismatch error even though I have the URL in the allowed URL list. I have checked it 20 times in the last few hours and they match exactly. Any idea what I could be doing wrong? I have followed this Auth0 iOS / macOS SDK Quickstarts: Login
and this
guide up to the point of running it for the first time and that is where I stalled.

Hey @marcin1 , when you get this error, a new log will be generated in your Auth0 tenant (under Monitoring → Logs) with a description similar to "Callback URL mismatch. SOME_URL is not in the list of allowed callback URLs". You can compare the value of SOME_URL to what you have actually added to the allow list in the application. That should give you a hint as to what’s going wrong.

Hi thameera.

Thank you for the response. The problem was “https://”, when I removed that from the allowed callbacks, it worked.