Callback URL mismatch error occurs in Auth0 Delegated Admin Dashboard (Node12)

I am using the Delegated Administration Extension.

Since I changed the runtime to Node 12, I looked at the “Migration Guide: Extensibility and Node 12” and changed the “Allowed Callback URLs” and “Allowed Logout URLs”.

However, when I open the Delegated Administration Dashboard, I get an error (Callback URL mismatch.).

Checking the log, it appears that the “redirect_uri” is specified differently than the “Callback URL” described in the Migration Guide.

Is the description in the Migration Guide correct?

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Hello! Welcome to our Community!

We have investigated and indeed the Migration Guide is wrong. We are going to review it to fix the documentation as soon as possible.

In the meantime, what you are trying to achieve, can be done passing the url as the format the error tells you.

That would be

I hope this works for you, and thank you for bringing this issue to us.

Thank you!

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Thank you!
My question is solved


Perfect! Glad we were able to help!

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