Callback URL error


Hello. I am using Authorize method to login and I have a function that handles the return of login in a callback component. The problem is that when the application returns it identifies the return as an unknown application path and I get a page error not found. Instead of receiving AuthResult for the callback page to handle this result, it interprets the return as part of the url.

My handleLoginCallback function:
handleLoginCallback() {

this._auth0.parseHash((err, authResult) => {
  console.log('Auth Result:', JSON.stringify(authResult))
  if (authResult && authResult.accessToken) {
    window.location.hash = '';
    localStorage.setItem('accessToken', authResult.accessToken);
  } else if (err) {
    console.error(`Error authenticating: ${err.error}`);


login(redirect?: string) {
const _redirect = redirect ? redirect : this.router.url;
localStorage.setItem(‘auth_redirect’, _redirect);

the URl http://localhost:4200/callback#access_token=