Call webtask from nodejs


I have auth0 secured webtask API and it works fine. It asks me to enter credentials, and after that it can show JSON data.

Now I have nodejs website and I can access to it by auth0. after logged in, I can get access_token and id_token. Then I tried to call webtask API with id_token like:

  1. http://webtask_url?access_token=id_token
  2. Authorization: Bearer id_token

Both attempt return “Not authorized” error and asking to logged in.

How to securely call webtask API from nodejs?


Hi @tulga,

I apologize in the delayed response. I would like to reopen the topic for discussion if you have not already found a solution.

I think this is occurring because you are sending an ID token, not an access token. You should send an access token to access the API.

Hope this helps,

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